A Charming Cafe – Suzie’s!

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Since my daughter went to college three years ago, I have visited her each year in February to attend her concert.  She plays clarinet for Valparaiso University’s orchestra.  This year was no disappointment, it was phenomenal as usual.  For lunch on concert day we went to Suzie’s Cafe.  As was the concert, it was a wonderful experience.

Their food is made from scratch, fresh and delicious.  It was my daughter’s first time to try this restaurant and had been advised to order a cinnamon roll.  I was shocked when they placed it on the table, it was not only large it was mountain sized.


It was our “appetizer” and the three of us left a third of it on the plate only because it was too much for us to eat.  Two of us ordered the quiche of the day and the fresh ingredients shined, though a little more flavors would have been nice.  Baking fresh yeast bread is not my favorite thing to do, but eating it is!  The homemade wheat walnut bread toast was so good.


My husband ordered a skillet breakfast leaving only a few crumbs.


I highly recommend this charming cafe and bakery!


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